Who are we?

We are the New Jerusalem Community, a community to whom belong whole families, marriages with or without children, within the Community, seniors, teens, children and youth.

Each of us has experienced a personal encounter with Christ and discovered the personal love of God, and  has received a call to live as a community,  that involves a commitment to God, but also with all the brothers who belong to this Catholic Christian Alliance Community that is, we have commitments and basic rules that govern us and provide a structured order.

We have canonical recognition, as a private association  of the faithful here in the Archdiocese of Miami, but I must tell you that we are not alone, God is doing something big around the world.  We belong to the international community "the Sword of the Spirit", which means that in many countries around the world we have brothers with the same identity and training.  Every so often we get together at international meetings, it's beautiful to see what God is doing.  Every one of us, has entered a process, after having had a personal experience of God's love, which includes biblical Christian education for our personal status, that is, those who are  single, training for singles, married couples, marriage training, adolescents ... training that fills us with practical wisdom for daily life, which seeks to make each one of us, committed Christians, mature and saintly.

Our goal is not to have  a good time,  (which happens in addition,  because we do have fun), but  to tell others that God's love is real, authentic and that you have to experience it  if you really want to know the fullness of life, if you really want to fill all the gaps in your life, if you want to BE HAPPY, and that all steps of your life be worthwhile and are firmly built on rock, you have to experience his love of  Father, the Lordship of Christ and the Force of the Holy Spirit.  It is our mission to evangelize,  and we have decided to continue fighting, showing the Real presence of God in our lives, in  our day to day, and this, "evangelize" is our missionary aspect.  In addition to participating actively in the life and mission of the Church to which we belong.  But we do not do it alone,, but together, with God's strength.

Our community life involves a process of

Conversion and Radicalism

We always look for a profound conversion to Christ, that he renew our personal relationship with God, our intimacy with God, to know his plans, experience his love, his strength.  It is difficult to define the joy of a relationship with God, it is a search for his will, his gaze, his liking,  his view of the circumstances around us, because h is alive and waiting with joy for us to relate to Him

Radical, because we are radical disciples..  That root is deep, full, serious.  We are looking for total commitment to God's purpose and mission that he has given us.  Providing training for certain types of men and women in order to live this style for the rest of our lives.  We understand that radicalism is expressed in different ways in different people, however, we believe that one of our main contributions to the Church is the formation of a core  of missionaries,  committed and trained in the service of the Church.

Being a Community

From the beginning the Lord called us to unite our lives with one another, to be a family, "a holy nation, a people ... we who once were not and  now are people, the people of God" ( 1 Peter 2:9-10).  It is a very characteristic feature of our calling, it is our collective identity, we are a people.  We seek to bring the person to know and become part of an environment of mutual support and care where we can live Christianity.

We participate in a group of committed relationships, healthy, in a community.

We seek to build and live a Christian culture, a healthy and well structured environment.


From the beginning, God wanted to establish a covenant with us, it was his idea.  God wanted it to be serious.  But even more, did not want so much to establish an alliance with us to ensure our commitment, but that we might be even more confident that he would not fail us.  He wanted to express the seriousness and importance of the call he made to us.   So hence our commitment.

It is the explicit decision to follow the Lord in a specific call, I recognize that is a dreaded word, discredited today.

We made a commitment to God and our brothers.  It is a "count on  me", "I do not get off the ship", "we're in this together", "we mean business."


The community sends its members to be witnesses of Christ in their lives.

So evangelization is part of our core mission, being  models, creating an atmosphere, presenting a clear alternative, attractive and showing the Lord, even though our society may be different.

Being  Charismatic

We believe that God gives us His Holy Spirit to have a new life.  We want to live in their possession and be guided and transformed by Him.  For though we lack, the Spirit gives us, and we are in the process, until we come to his presence, asking God for what we lack, and because we can do nothing without Him

Emphasis on character building

The formation of character is the basis of our pastoral work because that is what allows a person to live radically in the long term.

The five priorities are:

1. Personal Relationship with God: We grow into it through prayer, the Sacraments, daily reading and meditation of His Word.  This relationship, in turn, allows us to discover who we really are: children of God, servants and disciples of Jesus Christ, especially in these times when we are experiencing a serious crisis of identity.

2. Family: We honor our parents and brothers through our love and service.

3. Personal Obligations : We responsibly meet our obligations, studies, work.

4. Community: God called us to live our Christianity alone, but to commit ourselves to live in community with other brothers, under the same  Alliance to  praise him  as his people, to support and serve each other..  We seek to establish strong relations of brotherhood and friendship, living the lifestyle that God has given us and form an environment that will support us in fulfilling our mission.

5. Self: Develop our body and mind through healthy fun, developing our skills.  The ultimate goal is to grow in human and Christian maturity to live with responsibility, integrity, values, mutual respect, service, loyalty.

May the Lord enable us to respond generously to the particular calling he gave us and help many others to do it too.  Because it's worth it!  May the Lord bless you!  To do the will of God: From personal conversion to God through Christ and the Holy Spirit, from the experience of personal salvation, palpable and  experienced, God becomes the center of our life, our preferred option, our  priority reference.   Like his Son, Christ the Lord, we are here to do his will.

Become a new society: We are in the world without being of the world.  Our standards and our values are referenced to the Word of God and the magisterium of the Church.  This set a new culture, a new lifestyle.  We know in pagan territory, and sometimes hostile, but not give up our Christian culture, but on the contrary, we understand that our mission leads us to be light, salt and leaven in the midst of that pagan reality, assuming the same cost as the Lord, suffer for the extension of the Kingdom.  We are like strong Americans who were essential in the conquest of the American West, as the castles of medieval Spain.  And all these facts together make up the stronghold universal is the Sword of the Spirit.

Work for the extension of the Kingdom of God on Earth: The implementation of the new company is doing to spread the Kingdom of God.  A key element to this is evangelization, that is, the direct proclamation of the salvation that God offers to men through Jesus Christ, the Son of God who died and rose, in the power of the Holy Spirit, and the invitation to human beings to accept the grace of that salvation through personal conversion to Christ and the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

We understand this evangelization as much needed today, as the Christian heritage of our society, has been blurred by a sociological Christianity, customs and social conventions, rather than a genuine conversion to Christ and the life of the Kingdom.  Addressing the universal wave of evil in the world: The experience of Christian culture in all its orders and social fields, our deepest desire to fulfill God's will, our loyalty to the Word of God, without glosses or stains ; our obedience to the teachings of the Church and, in short, our desire for a radical communion with and in Christ confronts us and secularizing secularizing process of our society, which seeks the silence of God, as the most effective implementation in the face of the earth.  We will continue to be the voice crying in the wilderness announcing the presence of the Kingdom of God among us, Kingdom of truth, justice and peace.