Our Vision

Being people

Refers both to the unity and diversity. There is unity in our dedication to the Lord, our ideals, our mission, our lifestyle, our common government, our spirituality.  There is diversity in ages, states of life, occupations, social backgrounds, abilities, aptitudes and services to be provided in the community.  The word people underscores the fact that we are a group of people, very plural in all areas, united by a common culture, which determines our lifestyle, which in turn reflects a model of family life, rather than organizational or institutional models.   Our relationships are based on loyalty, affection, mutual acceptance, reconciliation, service ,in short, everything that flows from a covenant love, committed love that the Lord has poured into our hearts.

Love for God

It is derived from personal conversion to God, through Christ and in the Holy Spirit.  Conversion as a personal experience of God's love, his power, His transforming work in our lives.  The grateful answer to the work of God in our lives cannot be other than personal love for Him, our God, Lord and Savior.  That love manifests itself in an insatiable desire to know Him more and more and live continually in his presence, to seek his face in the personal and communal prayer; to praise and worship Him for his great majesty and power; to search His Word and receive it in our heart; to allow ourselves to be transformed in his image, by the action of the Holy Spirit, to let him mold us through  his sanctifying action to answer permanently to his will.

Zeal for His Kingdom

It is the consequence of God's love.  The God we know and love is the the Lord and he has a loving plan of salvation that he carries out throughout the history of mankind.  The focus of action of the Kingdom  are the people of God, the Church, in charge of making available the life of the Kingdom and to extend it through evangelism and  training of disciples  Have zeal for the Kingdom of God means for us to completely identify with the cause of God in Christ, with everything that advances his reign and give ourselves wholeheartedly to the mission, he has planned for us.  That is why  the zeal for the Kingdom has very practical terms.  It implies to take onto ourselves the  demands of evangelization in obedience to the mandate of the Lord and for love of men.  It also involves also to continuously carry into practice the Christian faith in our personal and community life actually witnessing to the the active presence of the Kingdom of God and this will involve taking responsibility for being in the world a sign of contradiction since the  disciple is not greater  than the Master.

Disciples of Jesus

The members of the community The New Jerusalem, really want to live as disciples of Christ and understand it in its radical form: fully involves submitting to the lordship of Christ in our personal, family and community life;  having a daily and personal relationship with him,, in  order to be taught by him and obey him in everything;  giving ourselves to the action of His Word and His Spirit, He will transform our criteria, our thinking, our attitudes and our conduct in his own image and likeness.  Discipleship involves embracing the cause of Christ and identifying with his mission, ready to embrace his cross,  that is, to suffer if necessary in order to comply with it.  The radical Christian discipleship is lived with a steady faith in the work of God and the victory of his plan of love, with a joyful hope in the fulfillment of his plan of salvation, with a visible love that comes from life in the Spirit; you live also in ease of heart, purity of intent and full availability to share and serve.

Be servants

The disciple is not greater than his Master.  Jesus is the servant of God par excellence.  He came to serve and not to be served.   Because of this, being of service is not what we do but who we are.   It is an element of our character in our capacity as disciples of Christ.  We know that serving implies humility and from this attitude we serve, first God, worshiping, obeying him, carrying out the mission entrusted to us.  We serve the community brothers and sisters and also those in the communities of the Sword of the Spirit, being solicitous to their needs and attending them according to our reality and possibilities..  Mutual service is one of the fundamental expressions of genuine covenant love and serves as a criterion for whether or not we live as a true covenant community.  We serve the rest of the People of God, we serve all people, proclaiming with joy the good news of God's kingdom, implementing and extending his kingdom until it reaches its fullness.