Community Training

Learning occupies an important place in the life of our community. It consists of  training courses of different lengths, given in a certain order and in compliance with a specific timeline.  It covers what we call the process of initiation into community life and maturity over time.  We consider them as: simple, relevant, practical, biblical and orthodox.  They are focused mainly on giving criteria and principles for Christian living, that is, for real coherence between faith and life.

The emphasis of our teaching is not merely academic instruction or intellectual enlightenment.  The weight of the contents of these courses is rather how to live our Christian identity in various fields: the relationship with God, personal relationships, loyalty and order in life, participation in community life, managing emotions, the formation of attitudes for service, single or family life, growth toward Christian maturity expressed in the fruit of the Spirit, and our Catholic charismatic spirituality.

In addition to these teachings, that we call official, community meetings also usually provide another type of training that often responds to current needs in our inner life as a people, or on demands we face in the society in which we live.  Every sociological reality of the community also has its proper teaching:  children, adolescents, women, men, widows etc.

Community education, precisely because of its nature that is practical, relevant, biblical and orthodox, supports the pastoral authority of the leaders of the community, because education is not merely a forum of opinions but a tool for training and molding of the personality of the disciple of Christ, and this requires not only understanding of it, but also its acceptance and incorporation into your life.

In short, community education is revealed as one of the most efficient instruments of personal renewal to mold each member of the community's character and personality into that of a true disciple of Jesus Christ.